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Mobile Phone Policy and Implementation

Policy & Implementation

The procedures outlined in this policy provide a consistent framework for the safe, responsible and respectful use of mobile phones by students at JCBTHS aligning to the Department’s ‘Student Use of mobile phones in schools’ policy (July 2023):


Policy Statement:

1.1 Students are not allowed to use mobile phones at school, including during recess and lunch.

1.2 Principals will manage individual requests from parents and/or carers, and students, for any exemptions to the policy.

1.3 Principals may allow students to use mobile phones in specific circumstances, such as for an educational purpose, to achieve student health and wellbeing outcomes, or as part of reasonable adjustment to enable students with specific needs to participate in education on the same basis as other students.

Policy Context:

2.1 Learning environments should support students to develop technological, social and emotional competencies. This support should maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of digital environments and prepare students for life beyond school.

The school’s policy and procedures for mobile phones and personal devices has also been informed by the following:

3.1 Student Behaviour policy (Department of Education)


3.2 Student use of digital devices and online services (Department of Education)


3.3 Legal Issues Bulletin 35 - Misuse of technology in schools (Department of Education) https://education.nsw.gov.au/about-us/rights-and-accountability/legal-issues-bulletins/bulletin-35-misuse-of-technology-in-schools

3.4 Legal Issues Bulletin 56 - Confiscation of student property. (Department of Education) https://education.nsw.gov.au/about-us/rights-and-accountability/legal-issues-bulletins/bulletin-56-confiscation-of-student-property

Mobile Phones & Non-Educational Electronic Devices included within the JCBTHS policy

4.1 Mobile Phones.

4.2 Headphones, speakers and earphones (wireless & wired).

4.3 Smart watches.

4.4 Personal gaming devices.

4.5 All other non-educational devices.


5.1 Mobile phones and other non-educational electronic devices must be switched off and placed in the student’s school bag before entering the school grounds and are not be taken out until the end of the school day after the student exits the school.

5.2 Mobile phones and other non-educational electronic devices must remain switched off and in the student’s school bag when at and, travelling to and from the school for; sport, excursions and other school events.

5.3 Mobile phones and other non-educational electronic devices must remain switched off and in the student’s school bag at all times.

5.4 Exceptions may apply for medical and individual wellbeing reasons when approved by the Principal and an alternative solution is not practical.

5.5 Exemptions may apply to educational activities including classwork; excursions; school events and co-curricular clubs when approved by the classroom teacher. Excursions will have information for approved usage on the permission note.

Contact between students and parents and carers during the school day

6.1 The Student Services Office will be available to students to make a call to a parent or caregiver.

6.2 During school hours, parents and caregivers are expected to only contact their child via the school office.

6.3 If a parent or caregiver needs to contact their child at school because of an emergency, they are required to call the school office and a message will be sent immediately to the student.

Individual Student Exemptions

7.1 Exemptions to any part of this policy may apply to a student in some circumstances. Parents and caregivers can request an exemption using the atached exemption form. Exemptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the Principal and granted when reasonable adjustment for a student’s learning or wellbeing is required.